Circularities is helping governments and companies to translate the circular economy into daily practice from a human point of view.

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About Circularities

We believe that everyone can make a difference in their daily work. The number of professionals who want to make a positive impact with their job is growing every day. How do you actually make an impact with your job or your company? How do you make your company future-proof besides your daily work? How do you make an impact without being forced to make a career switch? We can help you by making a direct impact that goes beyond double-sided printing, drinking fair trade coffee and separating waste.

Most people have heard of a circular economy, but the next day people go to work and think: “Sounds good, the circular economy, but I don’t know what my contribution can be”. So business will continue as usual or one person in the organisation is contributing, while the rest of the organisation continues to work in the old way. The circular economy is often implemented as a pilot project. Everyone in the organisation is needed for implementing a circular economy in the core business. Circularities develops the knowledge for individual professionals in the organisation and ensures the implementation of the topic. Only then, your organisation is ready for the future, everyone wants to get started and is proud to work for your organisation.


Learning from other professionals?

In the Change makers magazine, inspiring professionals tell how they make an impact in their daily work. With their practical tools & tips you can get started.

The professional of the future?

The world is changing fast, are you prepared as a professional? How can you make an impact with your profession? You can make the difference and we can help you learn how to take concrete steps.

Want to know what a circular future looks like?

Listen to the podcasts and get inspired, we always sketch a part of the world with a visionary. What will it look like in 2030 and further into 2050? We give you examples where circular economy is already implemented in the Netherlands.

Getting started in your region?

Do you want to know what is already happening in your region? Where should you focus on when formulating a circular approach, which local partners can help you further? We will help you with region-specific information for local authorities.

We are helping the following types of organisations:

Open collaboration for circular transformation

Meet the circular heroes of Circularities

Coach Circulaire Economie, hogere kwaliteit van uitvoerbare projecten

Klaske Kruk

Hylke Faber


Mirjam Schmull


Puck Middelkoop

Sannerijn Jansen

Joyce Velu

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